Hi everyone!  What a start to the year it’s been for Tishy’s Cakes.

To kick start 2017 I was eager to launch a twist to one of my original bakes for a new product.

It wasn’t easy as most of my customers prefer fresh cream or my Tishy’s fluffy frosting.

The idea came from one of my regular clients who love colour and bright cupcakes.  So rather than the traditional coco and vanilla marble cake, I added a twist to give the wow factor to my traditional vanilla cupcake – The Colour Marble Cupcake.

The first attempt wasn’t as I expected as it turned out brown.   After a number of trial and error attempts I finally managed to get the marble effect I wanted.   The blending takes a while and can sometimes be a bit of a challenge (but that’s what we like).

Lo and behold, the “The Galaxy Marble Cupcake” is born.  I launched it onto my social media networks at the start of this year and to my surprise the request for them has been immense!  The colour isn’t too over the top and the marble effect is perfect for any event or a weekend treat.

So what do you think of my new invention?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on what you think a successful new product would be.